Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our First Guests...the SPRY'S!!!

YAY, The Spry's come to visit! We had a wonderful relaxing weekend of hanging out playing yard games, visiting the port, the farmer's market and the yummy Oyster House...what FUN! the Spry's
us at the farmers market in Olympia

all of the girlie's got balloons!

down on the water
burrr...the water was COLD!

the port
dress up time!
"SLEEP OVER" these girls always LOVE sleepovers! Thanks sooo much for coming, we always enjoy having you!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

we spent mother's day at Reptile Gardens...the girls had a blast! eeewww...are my girls really touching that HUGE snake!
the cousins ....we finally got them all under control! ha ha!

what a crew...

she's beautiful!
lol, emma wanted to give the old man in the out house a kiss and sit on his lap! oh my she cracks me up! what a sweetheart!
the o'grady's, just missing cole, brandon, jesse and tyler
are they touching another thing?!?! a baby gator!!
grandma, emma and megan checking out the bald eagle!
"mom, those tortoises are HUGE!"
megan and me!
what a GREAT day! Happy Mom's Day to all you Mother's!

Cousins...We've MISSED YOU!!

Brady, Jersey, Megan and Emma...it was so fun playing with you girls!

a little tramp fun at grandma o'g's
megan, lane, danny and sydney

The Dentist...while one Vacation?!?!

look we came to visit aunt jackie at work! megan getting her laughing gas! lol
good job megan, auntie beth and dr. mann can't find any cavities in there! YAY!

after many bribes we finally got emma in the chair.... she sure drives a hard bargain, ha ha!
look at you emma! what a big girl! no more cavity cruds...YAY!!!

Good Bye HI..look out WA here WE Come!

getting ready to leave the big island, we had a GREAT time and can't wait for an opportunity to come back again.!
good bye!
daddy and megan on the plane!
mommy and emma.... i guess she wasn't ready to leave! to tell you the truth none of us were! ha ha!
our last view of the big island!
awww...sisterly LOVE! what a long day of flying! we got off one plane and right onto another to Seattle WA for the next chapter to be written! we've truly enjoyed HI, but are looking forward to our next adventure in WA!

Big Island day 3...Waterfalls, Parks and Caves!

first stop of the day Rainbow falls!
i love the waterfalls..they were so BEAUTIFUL! (can you see the rainbow it splashes?!)
we climbed to the top of the falls!

we have a couple silly girls!
walking through the banyan trees
heading to Boiling Pots and Pe'epe'e Falls
Boiling Pots..it actually gets so hot at times it boils...CRAZY!

tommy and he's 2 favorite girls in Kaumana cave! (it was kind of scary in there, lol)

the o'g's in the DARK cave!
ok that's better we're almost out!

my hubby and i outside another part of the cave.
the girls having ice cream in Hilo. i think they talked him into ice cream every day we were here, lol.
us at Kolekole Park...another waterfall!
now where to? tommy says.. NO MORE WATERFALLS, lol!
another fall we saw going down the road..one of many!
Kona Brewing Co....tommy's stop of the day, ha ha!
wow what a busy day. we actually drove the whole island today we started off at the volcano and headed up to hilo to view the falls ( the ones shown, and also Akaka falls..no good pics of it tho, sniff sniff!) we kept heading north to Waimea ( taking every senic route, lol) we then cut across the Old Mamalahoa Hwy and over through Parker Ranch, and back to Kona for the brewing co. and back to the volcano's national park...lots of DRIVING but oh the views!!!